Compliance & Certificates


1. What regulations apply to automatic doors in Australia

AADIF promotes industry best practice, and compliance to NCC-BCA and Australian Standards are essential to ensure the safety of all pedestrians and protection of industry stakeholders.

  • Australian Standard AS: 5007 – 2007 ‘Powered doors for pedestrian access and egress’ is endorsed by AADIF as an Australian Standard promoting industry best practice and sets out new performance, safety, maintenance and testing requirements for all automatic pedestrian doors including sliding doors, swing doors, folding doors and revolving doors.
  • Australian Standard AS1428 “Design for access and mobility, Part 1’.
  • The National Code of Compliance – Building Code of Australia (BCA), clauses D2.19 and D.2.21.
  • The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), which directly references the BCA and AS1428

Doers your automatic door provider actively engage in best practice?

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2. AADIF Product Advisory Notice – Only buy automatic pedestrian doors that have been tested by a NATA accredited laboratory.

AADIF Product Advisory Notice

Please Note: NATA – National Association of Testing Authorities is an accreditation body. NATA does not certify or endorse any products and any previous references implying that NATA certified or endorsed any product were inaccurate and have been amended.

3. Compliance Certificates

The following companies have met the testing requirements for (nominated) operators as outlined within AS5007.

Exova Warringtonfire are NATA accredited in the compliance testing of powered automatic door operators as stipulated in AS5007 Section 4.6 and Appendix D..

 ADIS Automatic Doors Sliding Door Operator Model No: NG-IDOOR Exova Warringtonfire
 Auto Ingress Model No: LD220B
Model No: LS300
Exova Warringtonfire
Exova Warringtonfire
 BriTer Door Solutions Model No: BDS4 Exova Warringtonfire
 BJ Talbot Auto Doors Sliding Door Operator Model No: DSH-250 Exova Warringtonfire
 DORMA Australia Sliding Door Operator Model No: EL301
Swing Door Operator Model No: ED100
Sliding Door Operator Model No: AL401
Sliding Door Operator Model No: HD200
Sliding Door Operator Model No: ES200
Swing Door Operator Model No: ED250
Frameless Breakout Sliding Door Operator Model No: EL301
Exova Warringtonfire
Exova Warringtonfire
Exova Warringtonfire
Exova Warringtonfire
Exova Warringtonfire
Exova Warringtonfire
Exova Warringtonfire



Working with NATA accredited building product laboratories

AS5007 clause 4.6 ‘Verification of Compliance’ requires all powered door operators to be NATA tested to comply with clause and 4.4.2 and a NATA test report is your reassurance that the product you are purchasing has been independently tested and validated.

The tests ensure verification and validation of high quality products – engineered to suit their stated maximum door weight, designed to operate under extreme temperature conditions and critically designed to open doors at this maximum door weight under loss of mains power to permit safe egress/escape.

AS5007 – Clause minimum 1 million cycle endurance test
AS5007 – Clause & c – minimum 1000 cycles at -15 degress and + 50 degrees Celsius
AS5007 – Clause 4.4.2a – minimum 40 cycles when subjected to mains power failure

NATA Accredited laboratories in the testing to AS: 5007 (section 4.6 & testing to Appendix D)