What is AADIF

AADIF is the Australian Automatic Door Industry Forum and its membership consists of companies that are involved with the manufacture and/or supply pedestrian automatic door operators as well as companies who are associated with the supply of goods & services to the automatic door industry.

AADIF promotes safety in the manufacture, application and maintenance of pedestrian automatic doors and their compliance to NCC-BCA and Australian Standards. The forum actively participates in the development, implementation and compliance of Australian Standards, in particular AS: 5007 “Powered doors for pedestrian access and egress” as core values and industry best practice.

The Australian Automatic Door Industry Forum promotes a strict Code of Ethics, focusing at all times on continual professional improvement for the mutual benefit of the industry, consumers and industry stakeholders.

Code of Ethics

Members of AADIF recognise and understand their responsibilities and hereby declare their intent to:Promote and observe the highest possible standard of honesty, integrity and reliability in all matters in all matters pertaining to AADIF and the industry that it represents.

To comply with all relevant safety standards and codes and in addition, to promote and encourage further measures to increase the safe use of automatic doors by all persons.

Commit to the education and training of employees to ensure a competent workforce capable of meeting the service principles of AADIF and to satisfy the relevant Australian Standards specifications.

Actively participate and contribute to the ongoing improvement to the relevant standards and industry practices.

Observe requirements in respect to Environmental, Workplace Health and Safety issues for the benefit of the community in general as well as for industry employees.

Maintain correct Business management practices including appropriate financial accountability and adequate insurance coverage.

Seek always to provide verifiable information regarding product specifications, characteristics and performance.

Strive to achieve and where reasonable exceed customer requirements in order to promote the good standing of our industry.